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Meet the Educators and Students of Bastrop, Louisiana


(L) Grace Reese, Assistant Music Director
(R) Melvin Anderson, Music Director


(L) John Griffin, Choir Director
(R) Gail Griggs, Band Director


(L) Alice Williams, Assistant Principal
(R) Carla Martin, Principal


(L) Carvell Williams, Music Teacher
(R) Tammy Hopkins, Choir Director

First School Visit

*On Friday Nov. 1, 2018, Dr. Mable John visited
Carroll High School, located in Monroe Louisiana.

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Second School Visit
School: Univ. of Louisiana Monroe (ULM)

*On Nov. 1st, Dr. Mable John presented an open
Master Class in the Emy-Lou Biedenharn Recital Hall.
This was hosted by Dr. Derle Long, Director of VAPA
at the ULM College of Arts, Education and Sciences.
VAPA stands for "Visual and Performing Arts".
Dr. Mable John talked to the students about
life lessons, including the importance of seeking
knowledge, learning the "business" of show
business, to be aware of "fine print" in contracts, and to
know their own self-worth - not letting others define
you. Her speech was free and open to the public.

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Third School Visit

*On Nov. 1st, Dr. Mable John visited Ouachita Parish
High School's choir students, hosted by Brian Bass and
James Hodge, the Band Directors. After her speech,
Dr. Mable John was pleasantly greeted by two students,
one respectfully held the door open for her while the
other complimented Dr. Mable John on her pretty earrings.
Dr. John replied, "Oh, you like them?" and proceeded
to take them off - and gave them to the student as
a gift! The student's scream of excitement was
so magical that it made everyone smile!

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Fourth School Visit

*On Nov. 1st, Dr. Mable John visited West Monroe
High School's choir students, hosted by
Kristen and Greg Oden, the Choir Director.

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Fifth School Visit

*On Friday Nov. 2, 2018, Dr. Mable John visited
the faculty staff and students at Neville High School.
In the auditorium, Dr. Mable John personally
spoke to them about her roots in Bastrop,
her life lessons, her spiritual journey, and
her belief that everyone there can be "great"
at anything they put their minds to. To show
her commitment in that belief, she offered her
personal contact info to the attending students.

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Sixth School Visit

*On Friday Nov. 2, 2018, Dr. Mable John visited the
educators and students inside Bastrop High School's
Media Center. There, she was embraced by the
faculty staff and young students. The high school
choir students gifted her with beautiful song selections,
and the school band showed their love with a LIVE
performance that was out of this world!!

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Seventh School Visit

*On Friday Nov. 2, 2018, Dr. Mable John visited the
faculty staff and students at the Morehouse Magnet
School. Dr. Mable John beemed with pride as she
walked along hallways towards the cafeteria. She
saw numerous plaques, signs and banners displaying
encouraging words expressing exemplary growth, and
the importance of respect in common areas of the
school. The students excitedly greeted Dr. Mable
John and were thoroughly engaged while she shared
priceless words of wisdom about her life lessons
in entertainment, and her spiritual journey which
was rooted in her birthplace of Bastrop, Louisiana.

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