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"Albertina Merci is back! After her good friend, the proprietor of Mr. Mario's Downhome Cafe, has a heart attack and then loses his wife to diabetes, he decides that his lifetime love of soul food is over. He vows to go healthy, both personally and professionally, and tries to get Albertina on board, but it is quickly clear that he may be looking for more than pastoral support. And while he is undeniably romantic, Mr. Mario believes in the power of man…not God. How will Albertina handle the advances of a man who doesn't know the Lord?

Then there is Clifford Brown. Clifford is a white DJ who's been a fan of Albertina since her previous life as a professional blues singer. Now a member of her church, Clifford always seems to be there when Albertina needs him. Could this blossoming friendship be leading somewhere romantic?

Albertina finds herself juggling thoughts of her previous husbands, the possibility of new love, her son and his slick new wife, and her nephew's struggles with his holier-than-thou attitude - all while her precious church faces new challenges as the neighborhood changes and her members begin to depend even more on their beloved Pastor Merci.

Charming and heartwarming, Stay Out of the Kitchen is bound to be a hit with readers who loved Sanctified Blues as well as with those fans of Christian fiction who are just discovering Albertina Merci for the first time.

** On Sale - June 26, 2007 **