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Joy Community Outreach

September 2022

Each day of this month will be dedicated to Dr. Mable John

As of 09/06/22: Dr. Mable John's Funeral Service Is Now Confirmed:
Location: Crenshaw Christian Center, 7901 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90044
Date and Time: Saturday September 24, 2022 at 11:00 am (Pacific Time)
Crenshaw Christian Center's Live Streaming will be available at:  THIS link.
Local Florist (Sep 19th below): 3803 West Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305, (310) 412-3366)
Dr. Mable John's Obituary will be read during the funeral service at the church.









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MUCH love pouring in from
your Raelette sisters!!...
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Classic Motown
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National Association of
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Tribute for
Achieving an
Academy Award, click here ...


Tribute to Bastrop
Bayou Life, p.30, click here ...


Thank you Bastrop Mayors
for "Mable John Day"
Proclamation, click here ...


Thank you Bastrop citizens
for preserving
Washington Chapel's
artifacts, click here ...


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American Routes,
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Illinois USA News,
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Thank you for the
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Thank you for the
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Beautiful mausoleum at
Inglewood Park Cemetery


Mausoleum - Dr. Mable John's
final peaceful resting place...


Here is the live link for
Dr. Mable John's funeral today.
 Click here...


Thank you for the
sympathy cards!


Thank you for the
floral cards!
Dr. Mable John's
sympathy & floral cards
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Dr. Mable John's
Funeral & Flowers...


Dr. Mable John's
Funeral & Flowers...


Dr. Mable John's
Amazing Funeral Flowers!!
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Dr. Mable John's Funeral
Speakers & Singers!!
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"White House
Tribute to Ray Charles"

Former Mr. President...
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Dr Mable John,
Special Guest
"Live: Ray Charles -
Sacred and Secular"at
Smithsonian National
Museum of
American History
Washington, DC
April 28, 2016 at 7pm
click here...


Joy Outreach
To Houston, Texas
Dr. John's Personal Visit

to Hurricane Harvey
Flood Survivors in
Houston - March 2018
click here...

Dr. John created
her landmark legacy in
Bastrop, Louisiana!!

To learn more about her
exciting endeavor, select
"Bastrop Legacy" link
at top of this page, or
click here...


Dr. Mable John's

Dr. Mable John's 90th
was that everyone
donate to the

A special
from Dr. Mable John
click here...


We lost TWO STAX legends
during Year 2022.

Both were honored during the
"64th Annual GRAMMY Awards."
Their names:
James "Jim" Stewart
(R.I.P. December 2022) and
Mable John
(R.I.P. August 2022).
Jim Stewart was a record producer,
executive & co-founder of Stax Records.
He was part of GRAMMY's Year 2023
"In Memoriam" live screen presentation.
Mable John was a minister, singer,
author, actress, and business owner.
Her name was included with other
individuals in the GRAMMY
Official Program Book.
To see that list,  Go here...



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